Chirakkara Salim Kumar, the evergreen representation of Kadhaprasangam was born in Chirakkara, in Kollam (Dist) On January 1, 1957. Since childhood he has been attracted by the charisma of Kadhaprasangam


Since 1975 onwards he began to serve Kadhaprasangam as an amateur artist. During this budding period itself he revealed his talent in this art form. In 1981 When he was a student for graduation in S.N College Kollam, he participated in the university union festival and one prize for Kadhaprasangam. This was a great turning point in his life and he began more serious and responsible about Kadhaprasangam.

The master of Kadhaprasangam V. Sambasivan began to listen him and sensed a touch of genius in Salimkumar. This relation bloomed in to a wastspace and still it continues ever after the demise of the Master of Kadhaprasangam. Still Salimkumar performs the masterpieces of V. Sambasivan,(Othello, Aneesia, Annakarena etc) on stages


It was the most popular art form, a performing art telling stories with music and action. Those days Kadhaprasangam prevailed in the central stage of social life, and it could influence the social consciousness and way of thinking to a great extent. Not only it was an entertainment but also it was criticism of life. It attacked the social injustices and made aspirations for a progressive society

Receiving Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy Award <br />From Film Actor Mukesh
Reciving Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy Award <br />from District Collector on his 25years of Achivement
Sree Narayana Mission - Chathayam Celebration - Singapore 1997
Sree Narayana Mission - Chathayam Celebration - Singapore 1997
Sharjah Programme